Ulrike Gabriel und David Link


Aussendienst, Kunstverein, Hamburg, 2000


The Sphere installation is mostly discrete. The exhibition space should simultaneously be used for other events. Sphere forms a subtle background for all action the visitor's attention might be drawn to. Nevertheless, all local events on the Sphere stage have to be aware that a sphere arrival might occur any time. A sphere arrival moves the installation itself into the center of attention. Arrivals form a temporal chain of happenings that can't be exactly predicted. They appear suddenly and in different intervals, vacillating in force.

A Sphere arrival makes the visitor experience the shock of global processes in local systems. The local space with its traditions, aims and methods is in the focus but becomes hit and overblended by information from outside. Vice versa, the local is sent out as information itself, a message which orbits around the world and hits all other places it passes. All orbiting messages are generated out of data fed into the system and create a reality between information and disturbance at the hit place for a short time.

The installation is a seismic interface. It transforms the local space into a resonance body which makes the visitors feel the globally generated reality. Data from other spaces reaches the installation as a complex earthquake composition. The space is shaked by a different identity, suddenly breaking in, vanishing in the next instant.