Radar Angels  Radar Angels

FM Einheit_David Link feat. Poetry Machine
Radar Angels
A generative song cycle

In their latest cooperation, media artist David Link and sound artist FM Einheit develop a "generative song cycle" at the interface of artificial intelligence and human intuition. Each piece evolves as a free improvisation between the generation of sound and text.

David Link creates the lyrics of the songs in dispute with his text generators. Text is constructed out of network structures that are extracted exclusively from information in the internet. Here the system finds out what is generally thought about certain contents. Thematically, the song cycle is oriented at metaphysical phenomena of electricity and its phantoms.

Starting from the title, FM Einheit develops compositions, which expand the lyrics into acoustic space and make the themes vivid in audible form. The music is electric. It detects the hidden, suppressed sounds in the data flow and spins the framework of the song cycle with the ghosts, the phantoms and the angels.

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